Google e Google bombing inclusi nel dizionario

17 Mag

Google, sempre più Google…

Nelle oltre 2000 parole incluse nel New Oxford American Dictionary vi sono Google e Google bombing le cui definizioni sono:

+ goo·gle /ˈgoōgəl/ (also Goo·gle) • v. informal [intrans.] use an Internet search engine, particularly she spent the afternoon googling aimlessly. ∎ [trans.] search for the name of (someone) on the Internet to find out information about them: you meet someone, swap numbers, fix a date, then Google them through 1,346,966,000 Web pages.
ORIGIN: from Google, the proprietary name of a popular Internet search engine.

+ goo·gle bomb·ing • n. the activity of designing Internet links that will bias search engine results so as to create an inaccurate impression of the search target.
DERIVATIVES: google bomb v. [trans.]